Thought of the Day

 "Nothing is impossible to God" St. Gabriel said "the power of the Holy Spirit will come upon you" to Mary. How else could she become the mother of Jesus?


(A wee poem from Mattie Stepanek (born 17.07.1990)

About Matters January 24, 2004

What really matters

Is choosing

What really matters,

Not merely

Being aware or

Knowing about or

Considering attentively.

What really matters

Is choosing

What really matters

With a clear and

Gentle heart

In all matters.

R.C. Diocese of Motherwell is a Registered charity SC011041

POPE FRANCIS rosary to be prayed daily. Monday-Friday it will be in public 5-10 mins after 9.30 am Mass (finishes by about 10.30 am)

Parish website back up and running at

For latest changes in Mass times etc. The new website and webcam now available at. Download the app “Churchservices TV” and set St Gabriel’s as your home page.

Tuesday Rosary at 10.05 am and Tues Evening Mass will have signing

Tuesday at 5 pm 30 mins on signing in the Liturgy; Monday at 6 pm 30 minutes of hymns; Thursday at 6 pm 30 mins of Intercession

(Prayer requests to


Divine Mercy Holy Hour Friday April 24th 3 – 4 pm (Hopefully)

Hopefully not CANCELLED because of Quarantine. D.v.

(God willing)


St. Gabriel’s Parish Newsletter Year 28 No 25 04/05 APR 20

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Vigil    :           4.00 & 5.45 pm

       Sunday     :           8.00 & 11.30* am  +  5.30 pm

(*with Sign Language for Deaf People)



 Monday           :           9.30 am  &  7 pm

Tuesday           :           9.30 am  &  6 pm

Wednesday     :           9.30 am  &  7 pm

Holy Thursday:           12 noon  & 7.30 pm

Friday              :           12 noon; 3 pm  &  7 pm

            Saturday          :           9.00 pm




            Monday           :           9.00 – 9.25 am

            Tuesday           :           5.30 – 6.30 am; 9.00 – 9.25 am

            Wednesday     :           5.30 – 6.30 am; 9.00 – 9.25 am

            Thursday         :          

Friday              :          

            Saturday          :          

            Sunday            :           7.20-8.00 am


Early Exposition  with Holy Communion (when ban ends)

Blessing Intentions


Monday           :           the Sick, Disabled and Addicted Persons

Tuesday           :           Parents, Grand & Great-Grandparents

                        :           Godparents

Wednesday     :           Married Couples & Single Adults


                        :           Widowed, Separated & Divorced

Thursday am   :           Disasters & Emergencies Worldwide

               pm    :           Vocations

Friday              :           Workers, Homemakers, Students

                        :           Retired, Unemployed

Saturday          :           Children & Teenagers


Charismatic Prayer Group

No Meeting     :           Mass at 7 pm

This Monday   :           Tea & Fellowship 7.30 pm

                        :           Prayer Meeting  8.00-9.30 pm


SCIAF BOXES/JARS OF GRACEExtra boxes at bottom of hymnbook trolley. 2018 SEE POSTER

Boxes Jars, etc must be handed in Before May to qualify for UKAID double money. Total for 2018 £5505



All candles can be lit for a donation of 10p

Electric Candles at the front are specifically childsafe and child friendly. Children should not light small flame candles without careful help and supervision. Your donations through our candle boxes provide £60 per week to Tanzania + £10 split between St.Margaret’s and The Innocents.

The Tanzania charities include: Songea Deaf School, Songea Catholic University, Peramiho Convent, 2 parishes and Chipole Orphanage

Thanks to Donations at the St. Anthony Box an extra £1140 was sent to Chipole Orphanage.

New Candle Stands now in use £30 per week to Sick/Retired Priests



Mon-Sat morning after Mass on request (except Requiems).

Those wishing face to face please indicate their preference once in the Confes