Thought of the Day

 "Nothing is impossible to God" St. Gabriel said "the power of the Holy Spirit will come upon you" to Mary. How else could she become the mother of Jesus?


Hope Haiku   -- September 2001


Gentle, and peaceful…

We are children of one God,

Yet, so many faiths

True, we are different…

Unique mosaic of life,

Still, we are the same.

United, we are…

The festive fabric of life.

Divided we fall.


(A Poem by Mattie Stepanek born 17/7/1990)

(R.I.P. June 22nd 2004)

R.C. Diocese of Motherwell is a Registered charity SC011041

POPE FRANCIS rosary to be prayed daily. Monday-Friday it will be in public 5-10 mins after 9.30 am Mass (finishes by about 10.30 am)

Booking a place at Vigil/Sunday Masses if restrictions return

Go to parish website www.saintgabrielsviewpark.orgUnder news items Click on Link: Fr. Jim Morris Choose your Mass time and Click on Register Enter Number of tickets & email address

Divine Mercy Holy Hour Friday29TH Sept 2-3 pm

Santa Messa in italiano Friday 22nd Sept ore 19

Many thanks to PlumBASE for the donation of a

Sanitizing station have placed beside the sign-in station.

PS Viewpark 0 Birkenshaw 0  Fallside 0

Bothwell South 0  Bothwell North 0 Uddingston 0

World-29%Cases-36%Deaths (0.14M)(0.55K)

Global 695,336,157  Cases 6,915,749 R.I.P.

England. 20,912,434 Cases 194,159 R.I.P.(inc.1,593,257 x)

11,668 CASES (+29%) 138 DEATHS (+29%)

Scotland 2,174,265  Cases 17,599 R.I.P.

St. Gabriel’s Parish Newsletter Year 31 No 49 17 SEPT 23

01698 817609 07757 373490   



              Vigil    :           4 & 5.45 pm

       Sunday     :           8, & 11* am  +  5.30 pm

(*with Sign Language for Deaf People)


Monday           :           9.30 am & 6 pm

Tuesday           :           9.30 am & 7 pm

Wednesday     :           9.30 am & 7 pm

Thursday         :           9.00 am & 7 pm

Friday              :           7 & 9.30 am + 7 pm

Saturday          :           9.30 am


            Monday           :           9.00 – 9.25 am

            Tuesday           :           9.00 – 9.25 am

            Wednesday     :           9.00 – 9.25 am

            Thursday         :           9.00 – 9.25 am

             Friday              :           6.30-7 & 9.00 – 9.25 am

            Sunday            :           7.30 -  8.00 am

Early Exposition  with Holy Communion 


YOUTUBE search Chnage my heart

TikTok jim.ivymorris

All Masses Livestream as well as with unlimited attendance

Abba Father, send a vaccine for everyone

Covid-19 North Lanarkshire last Week ???new Cases

                 South Lanarkshire last Week ??? new Cases

RIP ??/??                   Glasgow last Week ??? new Cases


Requiems Wednesday 11.30 am Cathedral Patricia Martin

Reception of Body Tuesday 6.30 pm

FONTES new edition available

SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: After Lockdown is finished the cry chapel will be the venue for confessions. AFTER evening Mass Mon, Wed & Thurs till 8 pm Tuesdays till 7 pm


ALOE & HONEYHEALTH Food Supplement

Fr. Romano Zago O.S.F. developed the recipe as shown in the book “Cancer can be cured”. Brexit Spoiler: Price will rise by another £5 per bottle Web based documentation from:,

Price is £30 per Half-litre - One litre lasts about 10 weeks.

Dosage: ½ teaspoon 3 times daily 20 minutes before food for 3 days,

Then 1 teaspoon 3 times daily 20 minutes before food until bottle is finished. Last supply received 02.12.19 In Stock –0 BOTTLES

Now comes in half litre bottles (works out at £50 per litre).

Bottles have use by date of 08/2023 NEW BREXIT PRICE


ST.GABRIEL’S KITCHENS (sent for x2 £10341)

#1 Mpinji Primary at Thyolo (Cholo) Southern Malawi

#2 Ostia Primary at Balaka Worldwide 1,504.471 children daily

Malawi average £9 per child Global average (18 countries) £13.90

(17 countries in the giving family) NO More shipments of Backpacks.


Webcam Stats: As of Sat 16th Sept since Nov 8th 2018 506,875 computers have logged in 1,415,105 times. 85119 times when they logged on for over an hour, from 161 countries. Total hours connected 454425(over 2704Weeks worth at 24/7) (=52.01 years) Now accessible through

(UK 349584 Ireland 103174 USA 28142 Australia 3058 India 2872 Germany 2844 Canada 1690 Spain 1606 Italy 1086 VPN 1239 Denmark 104 Norway 123 Finland 33 Sweden 156

LIVESTREAM  Now 1 channels   Church (Saturday & Sunday)


Book of Best wishes: anyone who wants to email to jim.ivymorris@gmail.comthey will be transcribed in a variety of fonts and pasted in the book. As too any messages sent on cards.


Wednesday Evening and Thursday Morning and Evening

Sisters from Belarus will be on hand with a display of articles for sale to support their ministry near Minsk


Two weeks time Special appeal by LEPRA


Charity bins this week for Belarus